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About my art

I find the most intense expression of myself in the study of landscapes. Landscapes are my bridge between emotions and reality. I use landscapes in order to investigate human nature and transform feelings into something real and concrete. Everyone can identify himself with an emotion, an atmosphere told in the narrative of a landscape.

I’m also a great supporter of figurative art and ancient painting techniques. I use to copy old Masters’ paintings in order to remain connected with the roots of the art itself and the spirit and teachings of the great painters of the past.


My education

I was born in Rome in 1984 and I start painting at a very young age, copying the great Masters of the past from schoolbooks with oil paints.

In 2011, according to my attitude and interest for human nature, different cultures and literature, I obtained a degree in Literature and Translation at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of Roma Tre, followed by significant experiences abroad.

Due to my curious nature I’m constantly in change, but I have always nourished my passion for art.

My artistic training is initially self-taught, enriched from 2017 onwards by intermittent, but significant classes with Maestro Adriano Fida and his assistant Enrico Giulia. In 2018 I follow a series of workshops on watercolor painting with the artist Agnes Cecile and in 2021 with Massimiliano Iocco while in 2020-21 I improve the use of graphite in a hyper-realistic style and begin to study oil painting at the studio of the artist and friend Enrico Giulia.

Moreover, I continue my training with distance courses with artists such as Diego Catalán (pencil, realistic portrait and human figure) Alex Hillkurtz e Roberto Zangarelli (architectural watercolor and ink and urban landscape) Daniel “Pito” Campos (natural and urban landscape watercolors) Sol Barrios (watercolor portrait) Diana Buitrago (Landscape oil painting) etc.

As a great supporter of figurative art and ancient painting techniques, I have been constantly studying oil painting since 2022, starting again to copy the great Masters of the past. The study of the Masters’ paintings gives me a solid foundation that allows me to be more and more independent on the way of my own artistic language.


  • 2023 (July 8th) Enrico Giulia’s students art exhibition at e-Lab155 in Rome.

  • 2021 (July 16th) Enrico Giulia’s students art exhibition at CCP cultural center in Rome.

  • 2019 (January 13th) invited by Medina.Art in Rome to present a personal exhibition within the event Female solidarity, to the presence of the ex-minister Cécile Kyenge and the city councilwoman Svetlana Celli.

  • 2018 (July 7th and 8th) Adriano Fida’s students art exhibition at Thoma, The garden of Art, Rome.

  • 2018 (march from 20th to 31st) collective exhibition of small format art at Vertecchi in Rome.

  • 2015 (June 6th) collective exhibition at the San Genesio Theater in Rome.

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